Nothing is lost, Everything is transformed

This is Monday morning but feels like Saturday.
Unfortunately it is not.
Do you want to know why?

DEtour has been on a tour-de-force from Friday to Sunday and the week never really ended. But it was surprisingly good and I would say that going through this weekend a lot has changed.

From the Captain’s log:
Day 1 – Friday night

The Bright Ideas weekend started from here, and so we all showed up at the Brooks Lodge to shake hands wondering around with our name in capital letters sticked on our chests. Networking is not for everyone. I love people and I am always curious about lives different from mine, but I’m not really into smiling and nodding as I am not good at promoting my self at all. But I kept in mind the advice of one of the speaker at the ICA, Rob O’Connor ‘When comes to speak about yourself just imagine you are talking about someone else you know and trust’.

Day 2 – Saturday

We split to cover all the ‘events’ of the weekend. Olga, Sam and Michelle came back to the Bright Ideas Weekend, whereas Felix and I went to Destinations. We step into this huge Travel Fair in Kensington Olympia with our backpacks, notepad and prototype; no business card or pre-arranged plans, just the Exhibitors list. We targeted Airlines and Travel Magazines and went hunting.
‘Hi, we are students from the Kingston University and founders of a StartUp. We came up with an amazing idea to solve one of the worst nightmare for all travellers….’

We gathered interesting feedbacks from experts in the travel sector and tons of business cards: travel magazine (The Times), Wanderlust, National Geographic, Singapore Airlines etc. What if just one of those reply? What if they write about us, just a small article? Just the possibility itself amazed us.

Destinations London - Travel Fair Destinations London - Travel Fair

flI. at the National Geographic Stall @Destinations London - Travel Fair

flI. at the National Geographic Stall

After that we called the rest of the team to get an update about what was going on in Kingston. And this was the moment when the change became more and more clear in my mind: they were amazed exactly like us. Excited about the feedback and drunk with adrenaline, tired for all the hard work they did during the day, calling themselves “fighters”. I couldn’t help my self, a wave of pride for my team struck my whole body.

Day 3 – Sunday

Alarm: 7am. Good morning freezing Sunday!
We have been told a real entrepreneur is restless. Well, I could write a book about restlessness.
Back to the Bright Ideas and the Kingston Business School working on our flI. and the network, getting and giving feedbacks (because you can’t ask anyone to give if you are not willing to give something back), increasing the pile of contacts and business cards and pitching pitching pitching and pitching again.

DEtour and flI. at the Bright Ideas Competition flI. Business Model Template

At 6.30pm, the end of the day, we got:

– A Product Designer willing to help us with good connection at the Roehampton Vale Campus (we need to get into their Engineering Lab to shoot our Advert… are you curious?)

– An amazing actor and writer for our advert! Check Mike out 🙂

– A mentor willing to help us with the production in Asia.

– Contact details of a pilot with a long experience in the Airlines sector at many levels and the endorsement of one of the mentor.

Furthermore, and this was my favourite part, we got the other teams’ enthusiasm to support us. Being among the 5 ‘winners’ of the weekend was just a small drop compared to the sea of energy and optimism we received, and it came with a clearer view on the future, the horizon we aim for (just to keep the ‘Captain-ship’ metaphor a bit longer).

There is still a lot of work to do, now more than ever, and the Final is just this Wednesday, but we are all more aware of our potential and our possibilities. And you can feel it in the air.
Everything has changed, we discover something new about ourselves and about each other.
Change is there all the time, in the eyes of the observer, in a new context or experience, in saying Yes instead of No. Taking risks and believing.

By the way, thanks to Antoine Lavoisier for the Post title, hope he wouldn’t mind that I skipped the ‘Nothing is created’ part. As a Creative Thinker I could’ve written a whole post just about that. Maybe next time.



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